hunting of brown bears

Trade - servis, Ltd. arranges hunting and fishing tours in Eastern Siberia and Far East of Russia since 2004. Located in Khabarovsk we provide service all over Khabarovsk Territoty – from Okhotsk area where the best trophy snow sheep and good trophy brown bear come from, to the Southern areas, where one can hunt for Manchurian Wapiti, Amur bear and black grizzli. Other trophies that are available are moose, Ussuri moose, caribou, wild boar, roe deer, musk deer, etc.

"Trade - servis" holds Russian Federation license and certificate to provide international travel facilities. It’s officially registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist with speedy processing of visa applications. We also provide all the necessary documents for fishing and hunting: licenses and CITESes, gun clearance papers, international veterinary certificates.

Description of the hunting tour on a brown bear
Hunting season for brown bear - May 15 - June 20
Neighborhood - Okhotsk / on the coast
Accommodation - camp / lodges
Days of hunting - 7 - 12 days
Group - 2 - 4 people
Transport - 3 - 3.5 hours by plane regional airline, helicopter or sea vessel in the hunting area
Brown bear hunting
Brown bear hunting usually held in the morning hours (from 6 am. To 11 h.) And the evening (from 17 h. To 24 h.). Hunter And The Huntsman depart from the camp by motorboat along the coast at a distance of 3-8 km. The use of motorboats can cover a large area coast, where at this time of the year after hibernation hungry brown bears come to feed roe herring, seaweed and fish. Seeing the beast, fit downwind. Shooting at the Brown Bear is usually carried out at a distance of 50-150 meters. After extraction of the brown bear, bear huntsman cut up and transporting a trophy to the camp.
You can hunt with so-called "mobile camp". In the evening after 20.00 Hunter And The Huntsman travel by boat from the base camp with a tent, sleeping bags, food, and gas stove. They hunt at night, break camp and in the afternoon resting in a tent at night again examine the territory in search of trophy animals. The base camp back in 2 days with a great trophy.
Tour program
1st - 2nd day:
Departure from the city of Khabarovsk in RP Okhotsk on a regular flight, arrival;
Transfer to the hunting area for brown bear (according to the preliminary agreement, the delivery is carried out either by helicopter Mi-8, or water transport);
familiarity with the guides; conducting safety, familiarization with the rules and characteristics of hunting on the Okhotsk brown bear hunting territory specifics, the forthcoming discussion of the first day of hunting, familiarization with the map of the area;
check GPS devices, satellite phones and other devices;
hunters and guides discuss the upcoming hunt, hunters and target the weapon is checked;
night hunting.
3rd - 7th day:
Planning hunting day vacation;
Evening departure from the camp by boat, hunting;
return to the camp, late dinner;
Day 8:
preparation of trophies for carriage, folding camp;
departure to RP Okhotsk;
or overnight in RP Okhotsk, a flight to Khabarovsk (depending on the schedule of air flights).
9 th - 10 th days:
Hotel accommodation in Khabarovsk;
 free time;
11th day:
Breakfast at the hotel;
Transfer to the airport, departure from the city of Khabarovsk.
Hunting camp
Accommodation at base camp in cabins or tents (depending on the location of the camp). 2 hunters / 1 house (tent). Rangers and staff live separately. Each house is equipped with a stove.
The camp is equipped with a "field" toilet and shower, a mobile powerhouse.
Service staff
professional guides and rangers;
Organizer of hunting;
Organizer of hunting or his representative (escort) should, together with hunters from Khabarovsk to Okhotsk, and then to the hunting camp. Organizer of hunting is responsible for the safety of hunters and attendants, all the documents required for the export of hunting and trophies from the Khabarovsk Territory or from Russia. If hunters do not speak in Russian, the organizer of hunting or his representative has an interpreter.
Cost of the hunting tour on a brown bear
On 1 hunter (group 2 - 4 people) - $ 5,550
Components of price $ 3,550 $ 2,000 service + trophy (100% hunting result)
For foreigners and export of trophies abroad the Russian Federation will have to pay:
The price in the hunting of brown bears in the round include:
transfer Okhotsk - camp - Okhotsk;
the license;
Accommodation at the camp and RP Okhotsk;
guides and rangers;
three meals a day in the camp;
Primary processing of trophies.    The price in the hunting tour on a brown bear does not include:
airline tickets Khabarovsk - Okhotsk - Khabarovsk;
hotel in Khabarovsk;
Rent a ship or helicopter (400,000 rubles for 2 flight -. divided by the number of hunters)
insurance (you need to insure in the country)

You can book a hunt or a fishing trip directly or through one of our partners in the USA or Europe.

If you were unable to find a trip that you are interested in at our web site, please contact us and we will work out a program that will suit

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